Choosing hardwood flooring

If you are looking to change your current flooring you may still be in the process of weighing up your options. What should you choose - carpet, laminate flooring or a solid hardwood floor? Are you trying to increase the aesthetic look of your home or make life easier with less maintenance? Whilst a good solid hardwood floor may cost a little more the benefits more than make up for this. Consider the various benefits of a hardwood floor versus the alternatives before you make your decision.


Carpets attract dust, dirt, debris and absorb/retain moisture! Whilst hoovering will remove the majority of the dust and dirt that builds up it will still get deep into the carpet pile and into the fibres – not to mention how hard it is to clean those hard to reach places underneath your furniture with the hoover. It isn’t the best choice hygienically, especially if you have allergy sufferers in the house. Carpets retain moisture which can lead to mould and mildew not to mention the dust build up.
With a hardwood floor the dirt has nowhere to go and a simple brush over will remove any dust and debris quickly and effectively. Those hard to reach places are much easier to reach with many wooden floor cleaners than they are with a hoover. If you have visitors to the house carpet means you are constantly asking people to remove their shoes for fear of them bringing in mud. With a hardwood floor even the dog walking in after a muddy walk will not phase you – simply wipe away the dirt simply and quickly.


If you want to keep on top of maintaining a carpet you need to regularly have them deep cleaned. Whilst you may hoover every other day there will be regular instances when you have to pay a professional to come in and professionally clean your carpets putting your rooms out of action and meaning that the furniture has to be removed.
With a hardwood floor you can simply have it re-treated every couple of years to bring it back to its former glory. Cleaning a stubborn dirt stain is much easier on hardwood than carpet and the time you spend on maintenance will be much less. For those with pets hoovering can become a real bind – especially if they tend to shed their fur, moulting season can mean hoovering several times a day. With a hardwood floor option the hair is much less noticeable and a regular sweep will keep it under control.

Aesthetic appeal

There is something about a solid hardwood floor that simply exudes class and makes your home look so much more appealing. This appeal remains – not so with alternatives that fade and look grubby over time. The smell, the look and the feel of a room with hardwood flooring is so much more attractive. With so many different woods available you can choose the grain, the colour and the style of your flooring as well as meaning you can choose either a light and contemporary option or something more dark and classic.


A hardwood floor is just a more practical option all round. If you have children inevitably there will be spillage or another favourite with young children – drawing! Spillages on a hardwood floor can simply be mopped up or wiped away. Not so with a carpet which will absorb liquid. If your child does the unthinkable and draws on the floor then it will be far easier to clean off of a hardwood floor. If you have a home with pets and dogs then a hardwood floor will take much more punishment – as long as the children aren’t dragging their cars or other toys along it.


Hardwood floors can not only increase the value of your home but they also last much longer than alternatives if properly cared for. Any scuffs, dents, scratches or damage that occur can be easily repaired and if water damage occurs you can simply replace a section of the floor as opposed to replacing the whole floor. Sanding back the floor will give it a new lease of life and negate any need to replace the floor, in fact hardwood floors very rarely need to be replaced.
If you still aren’t convinced and would like to discuss the options available to you, including looking at the extensive range of hardwood flooring options available then get in touch and we will be only too happy to arrange a no obligation consultation.

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